As the word "Alchemy" suggests, there is a seemingly magical process in the conception, transformation and creation of jewellery - from a raw gemstone to a finished, flawless ornament. We believe that this process is interwoven into every piece crafted at the Alchemy Studio.


Tying in the richness of India's regal past to an uber-stylish present, we bring to you, unique pieces envisioned in a fusion of raw uncut diamonds, vibrant gem stones, engraved stones and freshwater pearls set using ancient techniques and geometric constructions dating back to the 18th century in 14 carat gold and sterling silver that seek to address every taste and sensibility.

Dual Swanlake Uncut Diamond Necklace


Jewellery type:



Gross Weight:

48.400 grams



10kt Gold

Uncut Diamonds 


Stone Weight:

Uncut Diamonds - 26.75cts



Inside Line 14inches
Outside Line 15inches
Adjustable Chain 3inches